Our History

We can say that the story of Fratelli Sainini snc is also the story of our lives. This firm was founded the 1st March 1979 by two brothers, Giacomo and Luigi. They faced this challenge, which was made of success but above all of hard work.

Our devotion to duty and the quality of our products have allowed us to increase our market share with clients from all over the world.

From the 1st January 2011 Fratelli Sainini snc changes its name into Sainini srl, this happened because the business was passed from the first generation to the second one. The new owners improved the firm, and in particular the ability to make different kind of products and to monitor these products from design to production.

Our aim is the development of Sainini srl, and we want to achieve this goal with competitive prices and high-quality materials. In particular we want our products to combine durability and high quality.

The story of our firm is just a chapter of a larger story. We belong to a culture of iron and steel, which is also the luck of our valley: "Vallecamonica".